Course Design and Renewal Institute

The Course Design and Renewal Institute supports the development of all courses – fully online, blended (hybrid), or face-to-face. Through a combination of large-group sessions, tailored small-group workshops, and individual consultations, the Institute will provide training that is customized to the specific needs of the participating faculty.

The Course Design and Renewal Institute is intended for instructors who are developing a new course or redesigning an existing one. This Institute will be particularly valuable for:

  1. Faculty preparing to engage in online or blended (hybrid) course development
  2. Faculty who, prompted by curriculum renewal, program review or new program development, are being tasked with redesigning or developing courses.

Even if you have teaching training and experience, there is something to be gained from gathering together and looking at how to do things better. Also, the time commitment was just rightnot overly demanding.

CDRI 2015 Participant

The Course Design and Renewal Institute is held during the 7 weeks of the Spring term. Participation in each iteration of the Institute is capped at 18 participants.

We encourage participation by teaching teams (i.e. multiple instructors teaching a single course or sections of the same course) or program cohorts (i.e. multiple instructors from a single program area who will be working to develop unique, but connected courses).  Because of the limited enrollment, we would recommend that the size of participating teaching teams and program cohorts be limited to 3 faculty where possible.

Course design and/or revision has a critical impact on overall Program structure and deliverables. Thus, we invite you to share and discuss this opportunity with your faculty. If spots are oversubscribed, we will privilege:

  1. participants whose course design is clearly driven by the outcomes of program review or new program development;
  2. participants who will be designing courses that have been prioritized for online development in the coming year,
  3. equitable distribution of participants across Academic areas.

This program is great for new instructors who are mapping courses and developing clear and measurable outcomes and TLPs. The seasoned facilitators provide you time, space and research to reflect and renew your teaching opportunities.

CDRI 2015 Participant

For those faculty who are not involved in developing or revising a course, but would like to gain an understanding of and skills for technology-enabled, blended (hybrid), or full online instruction, there are other avenues of support available through the CAE including: individual consultation with our Educational Developer, Jennifer Martin; on-line, self-directed learning opportunities that we can recommend depending on the specific interests of the faculty member; and direction to a variety of salient resources that will support their needs.

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