New Program Development Process

Program quality starts with the development of new programs.

  1. The new program development process begins with a pre-concept paper that expresses an idea for a new program.  When approved through the Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) committee, the academic school will gather input from a variety of sources both internal and external to the College resulting in a concept paper. After the concept paper is approved by SEM a business plan is developed.
  2. The Academic Operations Committee approves Business plans and makes recommendations to the Executive Team based on the proposed programs organizational alignment and strategic value, student and employer demand for the program, economic need, resource requirements, financial feasibility, and transferability issues. Curriculum is designed to ensure accomplishment of defined program outcomes, in accordance with the Framework for Programs of Instruction in the Minister’s Binding Policy Directive (Credentials Framework).
  3. When approved at AOC the proposed program is sent to the Credential Validation Service (CVS) where the credential is validated based on its alignment to the Ontario Qualifications Framework.
  4. After approval at CVS, the proposed program is presented to the Board of Governors for approval. Following new program approval from the Board of Governors, a funding application is submitted to the MAESD.  Once funding is approved, a program can be advertised and opened for registration. Once a program is launched it is added to the six year program review schedule.


Questions regarding the New Program Development Process can be directed to Jeff Post, Manager, Academic Quality at or at extension 4255.