Course Feedback Surveys

Course Feedback is an essential component of all courses offered for credit at Niagara College, and provides a systematic and consistent mechanism for gathering and responding to input from students. A Student Course Feedback survey for each course each term is used to measure students’ perceptions of the learning context. It assists in the identification of areas of strengths and areas needing improvement in college course offerings.

What are the survey questions?

  1. I found that course requirements were clearly communicated to me.
  2. I found a close agreement between course objectives and learning activities.
  3. It was clear to me how this course fits into the overall program.
  4. The subject matter was presented in a way that was effective for me.
  5. The subject matter was presented or demonstrated at an appropriate pace for me.
  6. I was provided with up-to-date examples and applications that helped me learn the course content.
  7. Activities helped me become actively involved in learning the course content.
  8. Projects and assignments helped to further my understanding of the subject.
  9. The required textbook(s) or manual(s) was/were valuable.
  10. Other learning materials (handouts, Blackboard, web support material videos, etc.) were valuable.

  1. Blackboard was used to add to the learning experience.
  2. Scheduled classes in this course started and finished on time.
  3. My time during scheduled classes was effectively used.
  4. Classes were regularly held as scheduled.
  5. The course was delivered in an atmosphere that promoted mutual respect.
  6. In this course, I was encouraged to ask questions and to participate.
  7. I was encouraged to seek out-of-class assistance when needed.
  8. Methods of evaluation were clearly related to course objectives.
  9. Quizzes, tests, and assignments were returned in a timely manner.
  10. Methods of evaluation were a fair measure of my performance and learning.
  11. I would recommend this course to others.
  12. Overall, I would rate this course…

Course Feedback for Continuous Improvement of Quality Teaching and Learning at NC

Course feedback surveys are a mechanism for gathering and responding to input from students on all course offerings. We all have a role to play in improving the NC teaching and learning experience.

A chart depicting the roles of a variety of college members in the course feedback survey process
The following caption describes the chart above. Students: Complete course feedback surveys for each course to help improve the Niagara College learning experience. Educators: Encourage students to complete course surveys, and use feedback to adapt or make modifications to the course or instructional approaches if needed. Deans and Associate Deans: Support the role of course feedback in the continuous improvement process at Niagara College and use program-level feedback to inform decision-making. IT Services: Manage contract with platform host and provide technical support to the NC community where appropriate. Academic Quality: Manage the implementation, operations and reporting processes, as well as the associated resources and supports. The AQ unit is situated in the Centre for Academic Excellence.