College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP)

Once every five years, Niagara College participates in a provincially legislated College Quality Assurance Audit Process (CQAAP).

The CQAAP involves the regular and cyclical external review of the college’s program quality assurance processes at an institutional level, culminating with a report that documents the degree to which those processes conform to the quality criteria defining exemplary quality assurance processes, and in recommendations aimed at improvement and enhanced consistency with the quality criteria.

Recent CQAAP News

  • OCQAS Report Approved - The OCQAS board approved the final CQAAP report at its board meeting in October. Over the next 18 months we will be starting to implement the recommendations and preparing for the 18 month follow-up report.
  • Final OCQAS report submitted - The audit panel has submitted their final report to the OCQAS (Ontario College Quality Assurance Service) Management Board for their review and approval at their October meeting.

Older CQAAP News

CQAAP Standards

Effective quality assurance mechanism ensure the quality of a program management system and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Standard 1 – Program Quality Management System

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Standard 2 – Program Development

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Standard 3 – Conformity with Government Requirements

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Standard 4 – Program Delivery and Student Assessment

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Standard 5 – Existence, Monitoring and Communication of Academic Policies and Practices

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Standard 6 – Availability and Allocation of College Wide Resources

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