Marketing Students at the Vanier College BDC Case Challenge

A team of three Niagara College marketing students participated in the Vanier College BDC Case Challenge in Montreal on February 10-12th 2017. This year, Niagara’s team consisted of Iris Lee and Mavis Lane from the 3 yr Bus Admin Marketing Program and Laura Hawbolt from the 2 Yr Sales and Marketing Program. The team was coached by marketing professors Malcolm Howe and Terri Champion.

This national case competition included competitors from 33 post-secondary schools across Canada in a pressure-cooker 2 day event where students have limited time to analyze and develop a full case analysis and then present to a panel of judges and an audience of their peers. ​Iris, Mavis and Laura delivered a solid presentation and impressed us all with their ability to perform well under pressure. Niagara looks forward to competing again next year in this outstanding event that brings together students from schools all across Canada.​

NC Professor is X-Culture Winner!

We want to congratulate Dr. Navjote Khara, MBA, PhD Coordinator of Bachelor of Business Administration, International Commerce and Global Development program, who is awarded the Best 2016 X-Culture Instructor! It is a big deal and a great honor for the School of Business & Management, Niagara College.

A total of 133 instructors and co-instructors teaching at 123 universities in 39 countries whose students took part in the 2016 round of the X-Culture competition. A total of 124 variables were considered when selecting the Best Instructor Award recipient.

X-Culture is a partnership of 450+ International Business professors from around the world. The students are put in global virtual teams and they work on real-life international business challenges presented by real companies. Over 4,000 MBA and undergraduate students from 100 universities on 6 continents participate in X-Culture every semester. Over 30,000 have taken part in X-Culture so far. Working in Global Virtual Teams of about 6, a team member from a different country, the students spend a semester solving real international Business challenges presented by our corporate partners.

 The best students are invited to X-Culture Symposium where they meet their team members and top managers from the client company. X-Culture just won the Wharton’s 2016 Re-Imagine Education Award in the Nurturing Employability category.

The detailed review of the selection process can be found here:

Pathway to BBA Human Resources

Niagara College has made it possible for you to bridge into Human Resources Degree at NC. For students that have completed a 3-year Human Resources Advanced Diploma with a 70% average, they will be able start year 4 of the BBA -HR Degree program in September. This pathway will enable them to obtain the academic requirements to achieve their CHRP/CHRL designation.

The following courses that are offered during the spring – summer term is the first step to bridge over:

  • Entrepreneurship BNTR 9205
  • Financial Management BACC 9402
  • Introduction to Canadian Government BGOV 9501
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods BHRM 9602
  • Liberal Studies Elective

For any additional questions or to register please contact Niagara College tel: 905-641-2252

Academic Advisor: Autumn Garrigan ext. 4495, office W115

HR Program Coordinators:

prof. Holly Catalfamo,  HR Degree & HRM Grad Certificate,

prof. Barbara Smith, HR Advanced Diploma Co-op,



Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC)

Niagara College School of Business marketing students went head to head with students from across the province last weekend, competing at the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC), hosted by Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario. Niagara’s 14 member team, which included students from the 2 Yr Sales & Marketing Program and the 3 Yr Business Administration Marketing Program, took home 3 gold medals, 1 silver, a 5th place finish culminating in a 4th place overall for Niagara.  This annual competition provides marketing students with the opportunity to demonstrate their analytical, creative and presentation skills through a series of events that simulate real-world business challenges judged by industry professionals. This student-focused competition provides valuable networking and career-building opportunities for students to help prepare them for their future careers.  Niagara’s award winners included:

Mavis Lane and Iris Lee of the Bus Admin Marketing Program won 1st place in the Marketing Case Event.  Rachel Friend of the Sales & Marketing Program won 1st place in the Quiz Bowl Event. Riannon Bagnulo of the Sales & Marketing Program won 1st place in the Job Interview Event. Laura Hawbolt  of the Sales & Marketing and Mavis Lane of the Bus Admin Marketing won 2nd place in the Integrated Marketing Communications Case Event. Tyler Warden and Kaitlyn Lawrence of the Sales and Marketing Program placed 5th in the Entrepreneurship Case Event.

2016 OCMC dinner2016-iriscoral


Professors: Terri Champion, Coordinator – Business Sales & Marketing Program, Malcolm Howe, Coordinator – Business Administration Marketing Program, John Sustersic, E-Business & Mktg. Applications


Disney Trip

A group of Niagara College hospitality and business students travelled to Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida to participate in the “Get Ready for the World” Program for college students put on by the Disney Institute, Disney Youth Education Series.  Niagara College students and faculty participated in interactive workshops, training and challenges put on by Disney professionals including sessions on: Disney’s Technique of Teamwork, Disney’s Leadership Strategies and Disney’s Corporate Culture. Sessions were led by Disney facilitators and held right on Disney property including: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.  The program offered students behind the scenes access to Disney parks, hotels and attractions as well as the opportunity to experience the magic of Disney during regular park hours. Students were also able to hear from a variety of Disney managers and employees during several guest-speaker sessions and tours that were arranged for our group. In addition, there were several faculty-led sessions including a tour of Disney hotel properties by Professor Beccario and a session on retailing and customer-engagement led by Professor Terri Champion at Disney Springs, Disney’s newest retail area. At the end of each session, students participated in an online exercise designed by Professor Heather Clark to allow them to reflect on their learning and provide feedback.  All in all, it was a “magical” experience!

Terri Champion
Coordinator – Sales and Marketing Program ext.4140

Disney Trip 2016
Disney Trip 2016
florida-3 florida-5


The School of Business & Management in association with the International Business Club is organising a seminar on “EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO GETTING YOUR FIRST INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS JOB.” 

This session will feature Andrew Defor, an experienced international affairs professional development trainer who has successfully trained professionals to effectively prepare themselves to finding work at International Organizations. 

 WHEN: Friday, November 11 from 12:30 – 2:30 pm.

Venue: E208, NOTL

 If you are interested in attending the Seminar send an email to

 About the Speaker: Andrew Defor has been a Senior Technical Consultant at the WHO since 2008 and has acquired extensive diplomacy, foreign policy, international affairs and global health experience through his work at the UN and other Canadian NGO’s.

Study Trip to Amsterdam, Osnabruck and Berlin

36 students from 10 Business programs, two faculty, John Finley, Business General & International Business Management Programs Coordinator, Monique Finley, Office Administration Program, along with a lead person Tanya Orban, International Partnerships Coordinator traveled to Amsterdam, Osnabrück and Berlin in May, 2016 as part of the intercultural expansion at Niagara College. This opportunity was approved under the Be World Ready umbrella to cultivate globally aware students / graduates with the purpose to build inter-cultural competencies and skills while enhancing the students’ college experience.

BWR t shirts

Niagara College in partnership with Osnabrück University recognises that students are enriched and acquire life skills when they have the opportunity to learn and interact with students from outside their country’s borders. Making these kinds of travel experiences available to NC students encourages an entrepreneurial mind-set, offers opportunities for applied research, and opens eyes and minds to other cultures in this global economy. NC students attended classes with German students; learning, working on assignments and presentations and playing together. This unique travel experience was an opportunity for NC students to achieve two credits (a total of 6-credit hours) towards their NC studies. Niagara College also contributed $500 towards the students’ travel once they completing a 500-word reflection page.

NC students were able to visit Amsterdam Stock Exchange AEX centre, the oldest in the world, and practice their investment skills in a business incubator. We had a number of students who invested, making a profit! At the Rijksmuseum, a National Dutch museum dedicated to arts and history of the Golden Age, students admired paintings created by the masters: Steen, Vermeer, Hals, and most notably Rembrandt. A boat cruise on the Amstel Canal system was also a delight and enabled the students to hear about the founding and building of the city and the canal. Students had time on their own to further explore this world class city. Some cycled around Amsterdam, many participated in the Heineken beer tour, others indulged tasting a wide variety of scrumptious cheese at the Dutch Cheese Market Festival, or explored the neighbourhoods that are unique to Amsterdam… you can imagine!

Time in Osnabruck was a chance to live and study in a fairly small German community that enabled the students to bond and form friendships with the Germans. NC students walked, cycled or bused to classes each day, visited town’s historical sites, shopped for groceries at the local grocery stores and cooked meals together, and enjoyed evening chats on the terrace of the hostel. One outstanding tour was Nightwatch, a guided excursion of the old town. The students took part in the Osnabrück’s old town committee meeting, similar to the city council. From there they were taken to the top of the city hall and to the watch tower. Joseph, the outstanding tour guide vividly retold the historic events of Osnabrück as though the students were right there at that time.  At the end of the study week at Osnabrück University NC students attended the town’s May Festival and together with the Germans enjoyed food, vendors and shopping, folk music, and rock band concerts. It was an evening of fun, laughter and celebration.

Then a trip to Volkswagen Autostadt and a few days in Berlin. The VW visit showcased the advancement of automotive technology and chronicled cars throughout the century from old classics, like the Bugatti 57 SC and the original VW Beetle, to new futuristic Audi models. In Berlin at the Rathaus (German Parliament) students visited the House of Commons and learned about German’s four ruling parties and their day-to-day work. The Berlin Cathedral (The Evangelical Supreme Parish) was another gem with astounding paintings, glass, stone and tile mosaic, and many golden adornments. The whole trip was exceptionally wonderful!

NC Students in Germany

This trip will be remembered for years and years to come and the students’ comments says it all:

“While in Germany I had the opportunity to go to Osnabrück University. I never thought I’d be attending University so it was quite an exciting time for me.”

 “The group of people I got closer with and the new friends I created is something I will never forget and always have Niagara College to thank for this wonderful opportunity.”

 “This trip was absolutely an exceptional experience. Not only did we get to integrate and learn from other students one-on-one and from the people of another culture, but it also allowed me to appreciate the differences between people.”

 “I have no idea how to speak German and communicating can be very difficult in some situations. Although communication was hard throughout this trip, I have significantly improved on how patient I can be and having an open mind in all situations.”

“The thing that I most enjoyed about the trip was all the friendships that I built in the trip, getting to know all those wonderful places with my new friends is priceless for me.”

“I believe that having class with the German students was one of the most eye opening and coolest learning experiences I have ever been a part of.”

 “I also noticed that there weren’t any drive-through windows. Meals consisted of a lot fresh bread, buns, cheese and meat.”

 “In closing, I would truly like to thank Niagara College, Tanya Orban, and John & Monique Finley. I would also like to thank the Be World Ready program and anyone else involved for allowing me to partake in this fantastic and unforgettable experience. The learning, experiences, and memories will last a lifetime.”

For more photos please follow the link

Thanks from the Genemis Laboratories

Testimonial by George Botos, Founder, CEO from Genemis Laboratories Inc.

” Genemis is a Canadian startup developing new innovative water bacteria water testing technologies. One of the challenges we encountered is that our product is more relevant in emerging countries, where water quality is a significant issue, rather than the Canadian market. As a result of this, we sought help from Niagara College and its students to help us identify the most appropriate export market and build a market entry strategy.

The results provided by Niagara College students under the leadership of Prof. Cosmo Girolamo have allowed us to focus our efforts on the Brazil market. We were very impressed with the quality of the research performed by the students, and we are in process of implementing many of the recommendations provided in terms of the market entry strategy.”

Niagara College and Nipissing University Partnership

Niagara College has formed an innovative partnership with Nipissing University to offer an exciting business degree completion program. After graduating from a three-year Business Administration* diploma program (*with the exception of International Business) at Niagara College, NC graduates now have the opportunity to earn a 90-credit Bachelor of Commerce degree or a 120-credit Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Nipissing University. Courses will be delivered at Niagara College Canada at the Niagara on the Lake campus and online. The Bachelor of Commerce degree can be earned in only 12 months. One more semester of study will give Niagara Grads the opportunity to earn the BBA.

For more information, please visit or click here.

Niagara College & Nipissing University

We are pleased to announce that the pathways between Niagara College Business Advanced Diplomas and Nipissing’s BCOM and BBA degrees will be available in Fall 2016.

April 7th 2016 UPDATE: We want to thank the Nipissing University staff for facilitating the info session and all Niagara College students who attended this event. We will keep you posted when the OUAC application is available for registration.

April 5th 2016:

For interested students, an information table will be placed at the Front Entrance of the NOTL Campus on Tue, April 5th, 2016 during  8:30AM—5:00PM

Group sessions will be hosted at 10:00-11:00AM and 1:30-2:30PM  in room W212

Nipissing University & Niagara College Degree Pathways