NC Athletics and Recreation launches redesigned website

The Niagara College department of athletics and recreation is pleased to announce the launch of a redesigned website at

The website features a unique and modern layout designed to provide users with an immersive experience in all things Niagara College athletics and recreation.

“The website is designed to provide easy and accessible information to all members of the Niagara College athletics and recreation community” said communications and events coordinator Mike Puillandre. “We really wanted our website to showcase the high performance programming we offer from both an intercollegiate sport and campus recreation perspective.”

The new design features a ‘feed-based’ layout that users of popular social media websites such as Pinterest or Facebook will find familiar. The overall design concept emphasizes high quality images all of which were taken by students in the Niagara College Digital Photography program.

“Our website is an initial touch point and serves as a window for visitors to experience the Niagara College athletics and recreation brand” said Puillandre. “This design features striking and bold imagery all of which showcases not only our departmental programming but the technical and artistic skills of NC’s Digital Photography students.”

Additionally the top requirement for site construction was to provide an easy and accessible user interface.

The new layout features a mobile-friendly responsive design formatted for all smart phones and tablets and a fully accessible text-only version of the website is also available.

“We understand the importance that students place in accessing information online and on their mobile devices” said Niagara College director of athletics and recreation Matthew Davies. “We wanted to make sure that our online presence both through and our social media optimally shares the fantastic success stories that all of our students experience.”

The innovative and unique layout features varsity fitness and intramural schedules large high-quality photo albums Media Releases articles and social media updates all in one centralized location.

Users familiar with more traditional varsity sport websites however will find familiarity in navigating the website via the drop down menu options which remain unchanged from the previous design template.

“As we continue to grow as a post-secondary institution and department this website design will allow us the flexibility needed to meet the programming and usability needs of our students” said Davies.

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Media inquiries please contact:

Mike Puillandre
Communications and Events Co-ordinator
Niagara College Athletics and Recreation
905 735-2211 ext. 7681