IMPORTANT: New locker registration system begins August 5

Important notice for NC students: New locker registration begins August 5

Niagara College has significantly expanded and upgraded on-campus lockers over the spring term with the installation of new double-lockers with integrated combination locks at the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campuses. Niagara College has also introduced a new online system for locker registration as well as a modest rental fee that is in line with the fees charged at other postsecondary institutions. These upgrades significantly enhance the availability safety security and convenience of student lockers in several ways:

  • A significant increase in the number of lockers available for students;
  • Integrated locks that eliminate the necessity of purchasing a separate lock;
  • A convenient online registration and tracking system that increases security and ensures that lockers are distributed fairly and in a convenient location according to program/courses;
  • Regular maintenance and cleaning/sanitizing of lockers when possession changes.

If you wish to rent a locker you may register online for your locker at beginning August 5. After a simple online registration process you will be assigned a locker based on your course and program. You will be provided with a zone and locker number to help you locate your locker and your locker assignment will be confirmed via email.  Lock combinations will be distributed on August 25 via email after which you may take possession of your locker. Lockers are unavailable prior to this date.

The rental fee for lockers is as follows and must be paid by credit card or debit during the registration process. Note that a discount is available for multi-term rentals:

One term: $20

Two terms: $30 ($15 per term)

Three terms: $45 ($15 per term).

The rental fee covers the ongoing upgrades and maintenance of on-campus lockers including locker clean-out and sanitizing when possession of a locker changes.

If you have questions or concerns regarding on-campus lockers at Niagara College please email