Welcome to the new NC homepage!

Welcome to the new Niagara College homepage!

What’s Changed?

  • The new homepage is more accessible which means that users with access difficulties can read it more easily.
    • Larger scalable text
    • Clearer headings
    • Easier to understand and simplified content
  • It has a heavier focus on content for students and visitors to the college (“Study” and “On Campus”).
  • An expanded Media Releases section not only includes media releases but up-to-date Media Releases items relevant to students.
    • Important announcements will be pinned to the top of the Media Releases box with a blue push pin.
    • Urgent items will appear as larger red text.
  • More obvious and quicker on-page notifications have improved the visibility of campus closures and emergencies.
  • The new homepage is mobile-friendly.

In order to improve accessibility we hope to make the homepage fully keyboard navigable by January 1 2014.

Additional Changes

Additional changes have been instituted throughout the site. This process is ongoing so some pages may still be a work in progress.

  • The site-wide “Search” and “AskNC Knowledgebase” (Ask a Question) are now easier to use and are located in a tabbed box at the top of the page.
  • A clarified page footer with contact information is in place.
  • An improved site map is now available.

Users are encouraged to browse the site using an up-to-date browser.

If you are experiencing an error or display issue please email webmaster@niagaracollege.ca.