Be World Ready

The Be World Ready program at Niagara College prepares you for global success through education, exchange and international experience. This program offers you the opportunity to experience culturally diverse learning environments, understand different perspectives and connect practical skills with a global mindset to help you launch your career.

By actively participating in ‘world-ready’ learning activities, you will have the chance to practice new skills and develop the global competencies that will distinguish you as a ‘world-ready’ and ‘work-ready’ graduate. You can also use these learning opportunities to earn entries on your co-curricular record giving you a competitive edge in your job search after graduation.

In the classroom

Engage in intercultural group work, presentations or projects; attend lectures with an international focus by guest speakers; use global journal articles as academic resources

On campus

Attend intercultural social events (Latin Night, Diwali, International Ball); become a peer mentor; connect with peers outside of your social circle

In the community

Volunteer with a local multicultural organization; get to know cultural community leaders

Around the world

Participate in a semester exchange, summer institute or international field study