Jennifer K. Warren

Jennifer K. Warren

Graduate of Business Administration – Operations Management, 2008

Jennifer is currently Digital Initiatives Manager at CAA Niagara, overseeing the overall functionality, performance and profitability of the organization’s digital channel. With over a decade of experience in marketing and brand development, she has found a passion for helping organizations unify their brand and user experience, and engage audiences with digital strategies that convert.

As a student of the Niagara College Business Administration program, Jennifer served as the student representative on the College Board of Governors, and as a member of the Student Administrative Council. She was part of the founding student council for the U-Pass (Universal Student Bus Pass) and redesigned the NCSAC Student Bursary Program to its current format. Prior to her graduation in 2008, she was a recipient of the National Millennium Excellence Award (2006), and a nominee for the Colleges Ontario Student Leadership Award (2007). As a member of the 2006 NCSAC executive, she also received the Colleges Ontario Student Innovation Award (2007) and is a Niagara College SAC Hall of Fame Member (2007).

Jennifer has had a life long passion for accessible education, poverty reduction, and women’s issues.  She currently sits on the Niagara College Alumni Council, YWCA Board of Directors, and chairs the Marketing and Promotions Committee for YWCA’s No Fixed Address fundraiser.

A lifelong Niagara resident, Jennifer lives in St. Catharines with her husband and two sons.