Alumni Council

The NC Alumni Council works as a sub-committee of the Niagara College Foundation Board of Directors. The council plays an important role in providing advice to Foundation & Alumni Relations staff, and advocating for the needs and interests of the College’s alumni community. 

  • Liz Aldrey
    Liz Aldrey
    Library Technician 1971
  • Lindsey Aubertin
    Lindsey Aubertin
    Public Relations 2011
  • Lauri Brady
    Lauri Brady
    Early Childhood Education 1983
  • John Clark
    John Clark
    Retiree Association President, Computer Engineering Technology
  • Anna Cobian
    Anna Cobian
    New Median Web Desing 2011
  • Catherine Kuckyt
    Catherine Kuckyt
    Nursing 1979
  • Lori Laird
    Lori Laird
    Recreation & Leisure Services 2000
  • Jim Lambert
    Jim Lambert
    Mechanical Engineering Technology 1983
  • Julie Linton
    Julie Linton
    Environmental Management and Assessment 1983
  • Daryl Ledwon
    Daryl Ledwon
    Business - Sales and Marketing 2007
  • Colleen Lowe
    Colleen Lowe
    Public Relations 2002
  • Anthony Luongo
    Anthony Luongo
    Broadcasting - Radio, Television and Film 2009
  • Dave Maciulis
    Dave Maciulis
    Horticulture Technician 1991
  • Flavia Orvitz
    Flavia Orvitz
    General Arts and Science 2001, Social Service Worker 2003
  • Orel Ruiz
    Orel Ruiz
    Business Adminstration-International Business 2011
  • Shelley Schaubel
    Shelley Schaubel
    Hotel and Restaurant Administration 1989
  • David Tsang
    David Tsang
    Survey Technician 1981
  • Jennifer K. Warren
    Jennifer K. Warren
    Business Administration-Operations Management 2008
  • Doug Willford
    Doug Willford
    Library Technician 1972
  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson
    Police Foundations 2007
  • Joanna Zalewa
    Joanna Zalewa
    Library Technician 1976