Future Options

Applying to Other Niagara College Programs

If you are applying to another program at Niagara College or a different college, these applications are done online at www.ontariocolleges.ca. Apply to college as soon as the application is available.

For more information about how to apply through Ontario Colleges, visit Enrolment Services.

Applying to University

Applications to Universities in Ontario are done online at: www.ouac.on.ca.

You should check with each University that you intend to apply to for application deadlines. Many university application deadlines are mid- January. If you are applying to Brock University, the Brock-Niagara Student Liaison will help you with this process. You can find the contact information for the Brock-Niagara Student Liason on the Academic Advising webpage.


University admissions policies and transfer agreements between Niagara College and a number of universities facilitate university admission for Niagara graduates from specific programs by giving credit for college study. Graduates may receive credit for several courses or for a year or more toward a university degree. Visit Pathways for more information.

Additional pathway opportunities and information on collaborative programs, articulation agreements and credit transfers between Ontario universities and colleges is available on the website at www.ontransfer.ca.


Entering the Workforce

For more information about entering the workforce and job search please visit our mycareer (Employment Support) website.