Steering Committee

The dedicated members of the Steering Committee, which was active from January 2014 to November 2015, included:

  • David AthertonDavid Atherton
    Associate Dean, ESL Programs
  • Domenic CarusoDomenic Caruso
    Development Officer, Continuing Education
  • Kristine DawsonKristine Dawson
    Manager, Co-op and Graduate Employment Services
    Committee member up to August 15, 2014
  • Dawit EshetuDawit Esthetu, PhD
    Coordinator of International Commerce and Global Development
  • John FinleyJohn Finley
    Professor in the School of Business
  • Tassia GabbidonTassia Gabbidon
    Executive Assistant, VP of Finance and Strategic Planning
    Committee Member up to March 19, 2014
  • Katerina GonzalezKaterina Gonzalez, Ex-Officio Member
    Director, Planning and Institutional Research
  • Angie HillerAngie Hiller
    Human Resources Consultant, Human Resources Department
  • Terry HolubTerry Holub
    Coordinator of Community and Justice Services
  • Sheryl JohnsSheryl Johns
    Manager, Student Services
  • John JohnsonJohn Johnson
    Professor of Automotive Technology, Coordinator of Automotive Apprenticeship
  • Shirley JoshuaShirley Joshua
    Field Placement Officer for the Social Service Worker Program
  • Shawna LueyShawna Luey
    International Student Advisor
  • Duncan MacDuffDuncan MacDuff, Ex-Officio Member
    Research Facilitator, Planning and Institutional Research
  • Shane MalcolmShane Malcolm
    SAC President, as of May 1, 2014
  • Karen McGrathKaren McGrath
    Director, Library and Bookstore Services
  • Katryna McKennaKatryna McKenna
    SAC President
    Committee Member up to April 30, 2014
  • John McTavishJohn McTavish
    Coordinator, Academic and Liberal Studies Division
  • Ron MottolaRon Mottola
    Media Technologist, A/V Support, User Services, Internet Technology Services
  • Mishek MwabaMishek Mwaba
    Dean, Media and Technology Division
  • christine-philbrickChristine Philbrick
    Campus Health Nurse
  • Teresa QuinlinTeresa Quinlin, Chair
    Vice-President, Business Development
  • Andre RoyAndre Roy
    Coordinator of Instructional Technologies and Computer Applications
  • Vicky SmithVicky Smith
    Parking and Security Administrative Assistant
  • Carolyn TriemstraCarolyn Triemstra
    Associate Dean, Allied Health
  • Jennifer WilkinsJennifer Wilkins
    Professor, Fitness and Health Promotion/Exercise Science for Health and Performance
  • Krista WoodhouseKrista Woodhouse
    Recruitment Coordinator
  • Stephanie WouthuisStephanie Wouthuis
    Director of Student and Community Relations, Niagara-on-the-Lake