Guiding Principles

Approved: February 3, 2014
Approval: Transform NC Steering Committee
Responsibility: Vice-President, Finance and Strategic Planning

A. Purpose

This document sets out the guiding principles of the planning process. These principles are significant because they set forth the values underpinning the planning process.

B. Principles

The Transform NC: Integrated Planning Process for Program and Services process will be guided by the following principles. The process will be:

  • Transparent by ensuring the intent, design and processes are open, clear and accessible to all College stakeholders;
  • Flexible to meet the needs of the organization;
  • Collegial by engaging college staff, faculty and students across all program and service areas;
  • Comprehensive by including specific program, discrete service and cross-functional analysis;
  • Confidential by preserving the confidentiality of individuals from the college community who provide comments and feedback;
  • Demand-driven through a focus on student, employer and internal constituent demand;
  • Evidence-based through the development and application of quantitative and qualitative metrics;
  • Iterative through a strategically phased and incremental analysis process;
  • Sensitive to the ongoing workload pressures by building on existing metrics and data sources;
  • Appropriately resourced.

The process will also be:

  • Ongoing, by developing the framework for the current and future prioritization projects;
  • Linked to the College’s current strategic plan;
  • Linked to transformational change by fostering a culture of evidence-based continuous improvement.