About this Program

Credential Awarded:Ontario College Diploma
Campus:Welland Campus
Length:2 Years

Program Highlights

  • Niagara College has a state-of-the-art well-equipped, full-size weld shop and fabrication lab, and is also an accredited CWB and TSSA Test Centre Facility.
  • Students follow metal fabrication projects from engineering drawings through cutting and forming stages, to welding processes.
  • The program emphasizes hands-on learning and industry-standard inspection procedures are in use.
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Career Opportunities

  • Aviation welding technician
  • Electric arc welder
  • Gas shielded arc welder
  • Q.C. inspector
  • Metal fabricator apprentice
  • Welder
  • Pressure vessel welder
  • Welder fitter
  • Brazing machine operator
  • Production welder
  • Maintenance welder
  • Fabrication estimator
  • Pipe welder
  • Welding product sales

A huge number of current welders are retiring or will be, soon. This means that there is a huge demand for welders in the industry. Welding is an extremely important component to many industries in Canada. In fact, you can say, that without welders, many construction projects, bridge building, vehicle manufacturing processes, computer electronics plants, plastics manufacturing and even our space program would come to a standstill. This means that if you are considering a career in welding, they you are in high demand.”

Canadian Welding Association

Admissions and Availability

Ontario College Diploma
#0761 - 2 Years Welland
Starting In Availability
September 2016Closed
January 2017Closed
May 2017Not Available
September 2017Open
January 2018Open
May 2018Not Available

You are well-suited to this program if you:

  • Enjoy an active, hands-on approach to learning
  • Enjoy working independently and as part of a team
  • Have basic knowledge of math and science fundamentals
  • Have strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Committed to maintaining a safe work environment