Students with Disabilities

The Test Centre at Niagara College provides testing accommodations, including extended time to write tests/exams, specialized assistive technology, alternative testing strategies, etc.

In order to provide test accommodations for a student with a disability, the Disability Services must provide the Test Centre with a Letter of Accommodation. This letter includes all pertinent information for the Test Centre staff to ensure that appropriate accommodations with respect to tests are provided.

The Letter of Accommodation specifically outlines any or all of the following test accommodations:

  • Additional time to write tests/exams
  • Adaptive computer and software required to complete tests/exams
  • Specific requirements with respect to testing environment
  • Requirements for scribes, interpreter services and/or other supports

Do you need accommodations for a pre-admission test?

Disability Services can assist you with preparing for a Pre-Admission test as part of applying to a Niagara College program.

Visit Disability Services

Test Centre Procedures

In order to ensure that proper testing accommodations are provided, and to maintain academic integrity, please review the following testing procedures.

  1. One week prior to each test, students must visit the Test Centre in person. You will be asked to provide scheduled test date and time. An appointment will be set up for you to take the test. Students who do not notify the Test Centre for each test may find that accommodation cannot be provided.
  2. Students are responsible for identifying assistive technology needs such as Dragon, Kurzwell, Scribe, and Reader, etc.
  3. When you visit us to make your appointment, we will provide specific instructions for you to facilitate the test. If you have questions or do not remember what to do, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
  4. On the day of the test, students will proceed to the Test Centre to write their test. Students will be asked to show a photo ID (a student card is fine).
  5. Once complete, your Professor will pick up your test from the Test Centre on their own time.