Make Up/Missed Tests

Students who miss tests due to extenuating circumstances such as (but not limited to) illness, emergency, or inclement weather may write tests in the Test Centre if approved and verified by the professor.

Due to space and staffing limitations, we cannot guarantee that requests for supplemental/make up tests or exams will be facilitated.

How do I book a make up or missed test?

  1. Get approval from your Professor that you may book an appointment to write a missed or make up test. Note that your Professor will be contacted.
  2. Make sure that you will be able to make it to an appointment during our normal business hours. Requests for service at times outside our normal operating hours must be received by the Test Centre Coordinator one week in advance. We want to ensure that we have proper staffing and the space for you to take your test. We may offer to schedule your make up/supplemental test/exam at another date or time when space is available in the Test Centre.
  3. Visit the Test Centre in person to book an appointment for your test.