Term one (2017 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
ELEC9102 Motors and Variable Speed Drives 4
ELNC9103 PLC Programming and HMI Design I 4
ELNC9104 Industrial Robotics I 4
ELNC9105 Industrial Communications and Devices 4
DRFT9106 CAD for Engineers 2
Term two (2018 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
CAPT9101 Programming I 4
ELNC9203 PLC Programming and HMI Design II 4
ELNC9107 Process Automation 4
ELNC9108 Industrial Automation Project I 4
Term three (2018 Spring)
Code Course Name Credits
ELNC9204 Industrial Robotics II 4
CAPT9201 Programming II 4
MECH9109 Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems 4
ELNC9208 Industrial Automation Project II 4