Dental Services

Your Dental Coverage:

Domestic Students

As part of full-time tuition, most students are assessed a health care fee as part of their fees, administered by the Student Administrative Council. This fee grants you access to a flexible Health and Dental Benefits plan. In most cases, you need to choose your plan by a certain date. Dental coverage usually includes some % of preventative, restorative and oral extractions/surgery.

Check the SAC website for details about your plan, or contact them with questions.

International Students

Niagara College registers all international students automatically into a health insurance policy through StudentGuard Health Insurance.

Your StudentGuard insurance generally covers dental work for the relief of acute pain, as well as damages due to accident. It is important to read your policy for specific information.

Consider visiting the on campus Dental Clinic for affordable restorative and preventative dental work.

Please note: The above coverage information is a guide only. It is important that you read your insurance policy for an accurate overview of the benefits and coverage that you may receive.

On Campus
Dental Clinic

Help your fellow students learn – and receive affordable dental care in return!

The Niagara College Dental Clinic is located in the Applied Health Institute building, Room AH 120, at the Welland Campus. The Dental Clinic’s entrance is located on the left side of the main lobby of the AHI on the First Avenue side.

Dental care is provided by students in our dental programs and is supervised by qualified faculty.

Adult cleaning and examination services as well as restorative dental services are available for very reasonable rates.

Visit the Niagara College Dental Clinic for details about appointments and more information about costs and services available.

An exterior view of the Dental Clinic