Study Help and Peer Tutoring

Our Peer Tutoring program is here for you!

Funding for Peer Tutoring is provided through Student Activity Fees paid as part of your tuition and the International Education Department-that means you don’t need to pay anything extra for a Peer Tutor!

Join the Peer Tutoring organization on the Get Involved Portal to get started.

Peer Tutoring Services is now part of the Libraries + Learning Commons. The below links will soon be updated with new information as Peer Tutoring is no longer part of the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership.

Peer Tutoring offers the opportunity to:

  • be matched with a Peer Tutor to help you meet your learning goals, OR
  • become a Peer Tutor for another student in the same course that you are taking.

Learn more about Peer Tutoring

I need a Peer Tutor

Why you might need a peer tutor:

  • You are temporarily confused about your course’s subject matter.
  • You’ve failed an assignment or are at the risk of failing.
  • You’re not meeting the graduation requirements of 50% per course and/or 60% grade point average (GPA).

A tutor will help to explain your course content in simplified terms, but you’ll be required to do preparation work on your own. Your tutor will not proof your work nor do your homework for you.

Get a Peer Tutor

I want to become a Peer Tutor

By becoming a tutor, you can make extra money during the semester while constantly reviewing your material at the same time. Many students have seen their marks go up as a result of being a Peer Tutor.

Did you know?

Becoming a Peer Tutor can not only provide extra income, but your service hours can be tracked on your Co-Curricular Record as well. Upon graduation you will receive an Official NC Co-Curricular Record document that you can bring with you to job interviews.

Become a Peer Tutor

Get help with school work and research

Library drop-in sessions

Drop in to a free session at either Welland or Niagara-on-the-Lake for help with math, writing, ESL and more.

One-on-one research help

Need help researching for your school work? Book a one-on-one appointment with a librarian.

Book a study room

Book a study room online for your group project – available at both campuses.

Library Research Guides

The Library provides customized resource guides for each program.


    Succeed in college with the latest study strategies and writing techniques!
    Discover proven ways to study not just harder but smarter. Learn how you can create a detailed study plan, maximize the time you spend studying, take meaningful notes, and save time when preparing for exams—all while keeping stress levels low and your grades high.
    On this site you will find over 75 articles spanning over 23,000 words all geared to one goal: helping you study more effectively.
  • Study Guides and Strategies
    Contains a large library of study material.
  • Library Research Guides
    Need research help? Research guides are categorized program, and provide lots of great links and ideas to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Learning and College Life

  • Niagara College Academic Advisors
    Academic Advisors can help you from registration to graduation. If you have questions or concerns about your program, are having a hard time adjusting to college life, want to transfer to another program (and much more), talk to your Academic Advisor.
    This web site contains college study tips and tricks to help you manage your time, take better notes, study more effectively, improve memory, take tests, and handle the stresses of college life.
    An online college survival guide for college students that contains advice, resources and tips on surviving college and is written by previous and current college students.

A student participates in a yoga class

Mental health – it’s important!

For a quick daily coping resource, download the free Healthy Minds app. It features a daily mood tracker; a step-by-step guide to identifying, framing and overcoming problems; and tips for stress-busting, coping with anxiety and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Meet with a counsellor

Our friendly, understanding counselors can meet with you to privately to discuss many personal issues. Visit Counselling Services to learn more about booking an appointment, or dropping by.

Crisis support

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, or browse our list of local resources and phone numbers.