Get a Peer Tutor

What can a Tutor do for me?

With a Tutor, you may learn better study habits in order to be academically successful. You must understand that your Tutor will help to explain the course content in simplified terms, but that you will be required to do preparation work on your own. Your Tutor will not proof your work nor do your homework for you.

 The criteria to request a Peer Tutor:
  • You are temporarily confused about course subject matter.
  • You have failed an assignment or are at the risk of failing.
  • You aren’t meeting the graduation requirements of 50% per course and/or 60% grade point average (GPA).

Apply for a Tutor

  1. To apply for a tutor, please visit the Co-Curricular Record website at
  2. If you have not signed up for your Co-Curricular Record, please do so. Not sure how? Read our quick and easy Co-Curricular Record Student Starter Guide. If you have already signed up, then please sign in.
  3. Join the Peer Tutoring Organization.
  4. Once you become a member you will have the opportunity to fill out an online Learner’s Application located in Forms.
  5. You will be matched with a tutor if a suitable tutor can be found. The process usually takes about one week.


  • Attend classes regularly. Good attendance is essential for success – and for keeping your tutor.
  • Do all of your assignments. Write down areas you find difficult and bring them to your tutoring sessions.
  • Bring all of your course outlines, tests, textbooks, assignments and reference materials to your tutoring sessions.
  • For each hour of tutoring you receive, you are expected to put in an additional two to three hours of your own study time.