Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring Services is now part of the Library and Learning Commons.

As part of changes associated with Niagara College’s Integrated Services Initiative, Peer Tutoring Services is now part of the Library and Learning Commons at Niagara College. Peer Tutoring information, including this website, will soon be part of the Library website at In the meantime you can keep visiting this website, or, visit the Peer Tutoring Organization on the Get Involved Portal for information and updates about Peer Tutoring at NC.

“The Peer Tutoring Program is one of the very useful tools that Niagara College supplies. All students needing assistance should take advantage of this.”Student Learner

College can be a demanding experience and may pose many challenges that you haven’t faced before. The Peer Tutoring program is here to help you!

Peer Tutoring offers an opportunity for you to be matched with a Peer Tutor to help you meet your learning goals, or to become a Peer Tutor to assist other students in need. Funding is provided through Student Activity Fees and the International Education Department and is part of the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership.

For more information please visit the Peer Tutoring Organization on

A Peer Tutor and student smile for the camera

Tutoring Program Expectations

As a student participating in the Peer Tutoring program, I will meet the following expectations:

  • I will allow the release of my contact information to other students in the Peer Tutoring program in order to be matched with a peer.
  • I will attend classes, do my homework and keep up with all class assignments.
  • I will be on time and be prepared for my scheduled tutoring session(s).
  • I will respect the time of my peer and will provide notice in advance if I must cancel my appointment.
  • I will complete an evaluation form at the end of the term regarding the Peer Tutoring program.
  • I will NOT exceed the allotted hours for tutoring. If I am uncertain of the number of hours allowable, I will contact the Peer Tutoring Facilitator to verify.
  • LEARNER: I will NOT expect homework to be completed by the Tutor as this is considered Student Academic Misconduct.
  • TUTOR: I will NOT complete any homework for the Learner as this is considered Student Academic Misconduct.
  • I will keep the Peer Tutoring Facilitator informed of my progress and/or any problems that may arise.
  • I will check my email and my messages on the site regularly.