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Teaching motorcycle training since 1983

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Along with our classic motorcycle training courses we are offering NEW courses for 2017 including: Building Your Riding Skills; Rider Skills Improvement Phase I; Rider Skills Improvement Phase II; Skilled Rider Course and One-on-One Training.  Currently Niagara College is not offering any motor tricycle or spyder bike (3-wheel) training.

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Registration opens for the 2018 season the first week of February. Check back soon!

Three decades of Training experience.

Our Motorcycle Programs have trained over 7,000 students in developing their riding skills and to learn how enjoy, operate and safely ride motorcycles.

Using the Canada Safety Council’s (CSC) “Gearing Up” Curriculum, Niagara College has conducted our “Basic Rider” training course since 1983. Our motorcycle training programs combine highly-experienced and qualified instructors with top-notch training resources and, a modern fleet of motorcycles comprised of sizes and styles for each rider, to deliver solid safety practices and riding skills to riders of all ages.  New for Spring 2017, are some additional training packages to assist in meeting the needs of you, as a RIDER!

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been riding, we’ll help you sharpen yours skills, knowledge and enhance your riding experience.

We teach road confidence.

Amazing course.  Great instructors. Good bikes. Very pleased with the entire course.  Worth every penny!

D. Sarmento – Basic Rider student


“I learned a lot more than I expected to, even after riding for 3 years there’s always something else to learn.  Great instructors and variety of styles of bike.  Will recommend to friends – worth every penny!

A Pellegrino, Build Your Riding Skills student

NEW – ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING“I found it really helpful. Great job!  The personal attention was absolutely essential for me.  I learned a lot.  Great program and wonderful, helpful instructor.

One-on-One Training student

The course and the instructors have been fabulous!”  Patient, helpful, clear instructions, positive, encouraging, able, wonderful!  Worth more then we paid for it!  Loved it!!

M. Vanderwal – Basic Rider student

“I found this course very helpful and it gave me more confidence with handling turns in intersections and driving on highways.  If you ever want to learn more about your bike and how to drive it safely in traffic talk to these guys!”

A. Cooke – M2 Exit student


Motorcycle riders

For 2018 registered or completed Basic Rider Training course students:

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