Master Taster

  • Type: In Class
  • Credential: Statement of Completion
  • Starts In: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Time to Complete: 5 Years
  • Plan #: C2140

About this part-time program ( What's this?)

Unlike other wine education, our Master Taster program focuses solely on fine-tuning the art of tasting and analyzing wines. In this program you will learn the “language” of tasting as well as all aspects of appreciation. Upon completion of this program, you will be well versed in identifying grape variety, wine region styles and various production methods used in the creation of wines.

Career Opportunities

This program prepares individuals for an exciting and rewarding career in the hospitality industry in the area of wine and beverage management, wine sales, wine marketing and all aspects of the wine service industry. Possible career paths include:

  • Wine Event Consultant / Wine Business Consultant
  • Wine Columnist / Journal writing
  • Buyer Retail / Wholesale
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Resident Restaurant Expert
  • Prerequisite for Sommelier
  • Wine and Beverage Management
  • Wine Sales

How to Register

Students do not apply to our part-time programs. Instead, enrol in and successfully complete each course listed in the Program Delivery section. Once you have successfully completed all of the required courses, you may apply to graduate. If you aren't sure how to enrol in a course, you can learn more here.

Apply for Statement of Completion

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Program Delivery

Code Course Name Delivery Course Availability
2017 Spring 2017 Fall

Required Courses:

OEVT1122 Sensory Evaluation of Wines I In Class Yes TBA
OEVT1322 Sensory Evaluation of Wines II In Class No TBA
OEVT1421 Wines of the Old World In Class Yes TBA
OEVT1224 Wines of the New World In Class No TBA
OEVT1027 Food and Wine Synergy In Class No TBA
Elective Information

Choose one of the following:

Elective Options
Code Course Name Delivery Course Availibility
Course Availibility for 2017 Spring Course Availibility for 2017 Fall
OEVT1120 General Viticulture In Class Yes TBA
OEVT1121 Basic Winemaking In Class Yes TBA
OEVT1126 Introduction to Wine Chemistry In Class Yes TBA
OEVT1225 Winery Business Operation In Class No TBA
OEVT1321 Advanced Winemaking I In Class No TBA
OEVT1324 Wine Chemistry and Lab Analysis In Class No TBA
OEVT1326 Winery Retail Sales In Class Yes TBA
OEVT1422 Wine Marketing and Sales In Class No TBA
OEVT1423 Winery Management N/A No TBA