This team of students gain valuable experience in a business environment while assisting their peers to achieve success, using technology in their coursework, homework and assisting faculty and staff of the college to use technology effectively. The real-life experiences gained on this team give these students a decided advantage when seeking employment after graduation.

Duties/positions will vary based on college and student needs, but may include:

  • Lab Monitors
  • Hardware Technicians
  • Helpdesk Agents

Variations of this model are being adopted throughout North America in post-secondary institutions as a win-win situation for students and staff of colleges and universities. The Lab Monitor position is an example of one function within a larger, graduated SWAT Team. Students may move from one position on the team to others, depending upon skills, adaptability, demonstration of good business skills, eagerness to learn, self motivation, marks, commitment to excellence, and length of service on the Team.