Current Students

IMPORTANT: The Password Reset Tool will change both your Blackboard and O365 Email passwords to be the same password. Read the instructions below before using the Password Reset Tool so that your account does not get locked out!

Ready to change your password?

  1. To change or reset your account password, you will need to provide your Student Email Address.
  2. Before you change your password, please delete or “forget” the current password on all of your wireless devices. For more information, read the instructions on How to Add/Remove a Niagara College WiFi Connection.
  3. If you are changing your password from a wireless device, read the right column.
  4. Continue to the Password Reset Tool.

Are you changing your password from a wireless device?

A wireless device could be a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. If you are changing your password from a wireless device, be sure to complete the following steps before changing your password:

  1. Remove your AirNC-Secure Wi-Fi connection by “Forgetting” the password.
  2. Connect your WiFi to AirNC-PasswordReset.
  3. Open your browser, and go to Follow the instructions to reset your password and then reconnect your WiFi to AirNC-Secure with your updated password credentials.