How to ADD / REMOVE a Niagara College WiFi Connection

Instructions for Desktop & Laptop Computers:
Instructions for Mobile Devices:


Visiting for an Event?

Click the links below for PDFs of how to connect to AirNC-Event.


How to ADD / REMOVE eduroam WiFi Connection

What is eduroam?

It is a secure wireless network service that allows faculty, staff, and students to use their home institution’s wireless credentials to access wireless networks when visiting other eduroam participating institutions.


Why should I use eduroam?

  • Mobile secure access
  • Eliminates the need for guest account when visiting participating campuses
  • Seamless transition to other campuses and locations with eduroam implemented
  • Free wireless while visiting other locations

Click here for the eduroam map.


Who is it meant for?

All faculty, students and guests visiting other campuses. The Niagara Secure Wi-Fi is still meant for those who are at our campus.


Need help connecting?

Visit us at the Library in NOTL or Welland.

EMAIL: itshelpdesk@niagaracollege.ca

PHONE: 905-735-2211 ext. 7642

Click here for more information at the eduroam website.