Laptop Leasing

The Niagara College Laptop Program provides students in the Mandatory Laptop Programs with the full use of a Dell Latitude Laptop for the academic term.

How to get your laptop:

  1. You must be registered in one of our participating programs (see program listings)
  2. When you receive your Registration Information package in the mail, find the “Laptop Programs at Niagara” module to find out how and when to pick up your laptop.
  3. Bring your receipt of payment and Photo ID to the designated location on your specified day.
  4. The laptop agreement form will be discussed and then signed by yourself and a witness.
  5. You will then take the laptop and use it throughout the school year.
  6. At the end of the school year the laptop is handed back in at a designated location and time.
  7. Should you want to extend the lease you can do so. Find out how.
  8. At the beginning of the next school year the steps begin again.

More Information:

Students are taught in classrooms that allow access to the Niagara College network and printers. In addition, students will have network access using specially equipped study carrels at the Library, there are also network connections in some hallways, the Learning Commons, The Core and in the cafeteria. Wireless computing and printing are also available.  The laptops are pre-loaded with software that is required for each program. In addition, the computers are pre-configured with network access, enabling students to work whenever they need to, both on and off campus.

In addition to increased mobility and productivity, the Niagara College Laptop program students gain computer skills that greatly increase competitiveness in the job market.

While we strive to provide the best possible support during your laptop experience, we are keenly interested in your input, whether it be good or bad. Feel free to direct additional questions or comments to Your questions will be answered in a timely manner.

Participating Programs