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Network and System Maintenance

On Sunday November 27th between 8am and 5pm ITS will be performing system and security work on enterprise and academic systems for routine maintenance and upgrades. During this maintenance window end users may experience intermittent service interruptions.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This maintenance was scheduled outside of standard classroom and office hours to minimize the service disruption. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk in advance if you have any questions

New Email Anti-virus and Anti-spam Solution

On Friday September 18th at 4:30pm ITS is replacing Gwava, our current email protection/filter solution with a new solution from Sophos. Sophos offers many new benefits with employee self-service so you have greater control in managing your own mail.


By default, each day at noon you will receive an email to notify you of the messages identified as spam and “quarantined” by Sophos. You also have the option to disable this notification.


To manage your email protection preferences, log into the Sophos Email Appliance with your College username and password at You can release quarantined messages, approve or block senders and set preferences. While you can choose to disable spam filtering we do not recommend this as the vast majority (> 80%) of all email messages are spam. This disable option is only available to meet the business requirement some areas within the college may have to never miss an incoming email. Please note messages identified as viruses cannot be released nor omitted from scanning as this poses a significant security risk to the college.


Items to note:


  • for detailed information including step-by-step instructions on managing spam filtering for your mailbox please visit the ITS website


  • there may be a slight increase in the volume of unwanted spam or bulk mail delivered to your inbox during the initial period of the implementation as the new system requires time to learn your preferences and adjust


  • Gwava will be accessible for two weeks following the implementation but will not contain any new items after September 18th at 4:30pm


If you have any questions please contact the ITS Helpdesk by emailing or calling x7642.

Reinstating Print Accounting

Print accounting for printing and copying has been reinstated.

The new system (PaperCut) offers additional functionality such as:

Virtual Print Queues – select from Black, Colour or 11×17 when printing and release your print job to any compatible NC student printer or Xerox MFP (multifunction printer)

Your PaperCut Account – log in for account information, to view your printing history and more including:

Web Print Add Credit
Release print jobs using Web Print – students, add value to your account using Add Credit

– this option adds value using secure web payment – Visa and MasterCard accepted

(you may continue to add value to your account using the student payment stations – cash accepted)

Further information regarding printing/copying and PaperCut is available in our Printing Self-Help Article, including instructions to associate your NC student or employee card with PaperCut using a print release station or Xerox MFP.

If your card was issued before September 2014 you will need to do this on first use to use your NC card for authentication.

Upgrading the On-Campus Wireless Network

The on campus wireless network is being upgraded to serve you better. The upgraded solution supports newer technologies and offers better performance monitoring and management and enhanced security. The two wireless networks/SSIDs available are:

  • “AirNC-Secure” for student and employee access to the college network and Internet
  • “AirNC-Guest” for guest access to the Internet

Connecting with the new AirNC-Secure is generally transparent depending on your device. If prompted for a security certificate warning, select to proceed. You will only receive this notification once.

Guest Wi-Fi is now made available using sponsorship. Eligible sponsors include all members of CMT (College Management Team), CMT Administrative Assistants and employees in our Employment and Training Solutions office. Guests will enter identifying information and a sponsor name which automatically generates an email to the sponsor. The sponsor reviews and confirms the guest request for access, allowing the guest to continue.