Upgrading the On-Campus Wireless Network

The on campus wireless network is being upgraded to serve you better. The upgraded solution supports newer technologies and offers better performance monitoring and management and enhanced security. The two wireless networks/SSIDs available are:

  • “AirNC-Secure” for student and employee access to the college network and Internet
  • “AirNC-Guest” for guest access to the Internet

Connecting with the new AirNC-Secure is generally transparent depending on your device. If prompted for a security certificate warning, select to proceed. You will only receive this notification once.

Guest Wi-Fi is now made available using sponsorship. Eligible sponsors include all members of CMT (College Management Team), CMT Administrative Assistants and employees in our Employment and Training Solutions office. Guests will enter identifying information and a sponsor name which automatically generates an email to the sponsor. The sponsor reviews and confirms the guest request for access, allowing the guest to continue.