Sponsored Students

Letters of Approval

If you are a sponsored student and your fees will be covered by your sponsoring agency, please have the contact person fax or mail in a letter of approval. An approval letter will be required for each term the tuition fees are being covered for. The approval letter must also include the number of months (if applicable) for parking.

The letter of approval must be received by the due date to be enrolled in classes for the upcoming term. Space in the classes may not be available after the due date.

By fax: Please have your Sponsoring Agency submit their approval letter by fax to 905-736-6001 to the attention of Wendy Koros or Robin Stayzer.

By mail: If unable to submit by fax, please have your Sponsoring Agency send their approval letter by mail to:

Student Accounts, Niagara College
100 Niagara College Boulevard, Welland, ON L3C 7L3

Sponsored Student Requirements

Parking Passes – Registration and Pick-up

  1. Verify your letter from your sponsoring agency has been received by student accounts, and the information has been forwarded to Parking Services.
  2. Contact Parking Services for registration of your permit – you will need your student #, computer access ID, and license plate #.
  3. Permit pick-up will be room L22 at the Welland Campus and the Security Office at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus at the start of the term or anytime during the current term with photo ID.

Textbooks and Supplies

Book accounts are to be arranged by the Campus Bookstore.