Transfer Credits

Applicants with previous postsecondary education will be assessed for transfer credit upon receipt of an official transcript from the previous institution. Niagara College does not charge a fee for this service. Credits are considered on a course-by-course basis and will be granted where deemed equivalent in content and learning objectives to corresponding Niagara College courses. In some instances, detailed course outlines may be requested for evaluation.

Current and previous Niagara College students who wish to transfer credits from one Niagara College program to another (beyond semester one) should contact transfer credit at 905-735-2211, ext. 7538.


  • Receiving transfer credits may affect your course load, which in turn may impact your fees and eligibility for OSAP, scholarships, bursaries and other sponsorships.
  • You may be able to transfer credits you have earned at other educational institutions. Transfer credit applications are free of charge for domestic assessments.
  • The deadline to submit your application is 90 days prior to the start of term. Requests received after the deadline may not be processed by the start the term.
  • You are required to attend all classes until you are officially notified that your request was granted or denied.

How to apply for transfer credit:

  1. To evaluate your request, the college requires:
    • An official copy of your transcript
    • Learning outcomes of the course
    • Length of the course (in hours)
    • Type of assessment used to demonstrate learning

    In order to be granted credit, the learning outcomes of the course(s) must correspond to those of the Niagara College course(s) as evaluated by Niagara College.

  2. Print and complete the Transfer Credit Request Form
  3. Mail the completed form and required documents outlined in step 1 to:
    Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology
    Office of the Registrar – SE105
    300 Woodlawn Road
    Welland, ON L3C 7L3

Obtaining a suitable timetable for your first day of classes will be considerably easier if you process your Transfer Credit request(s) early. Transcripts will be kept on file for one year.

For more information, please email