Transfer Credits, Equivalencies and Advanced Standing

Transfer Credit

Transfer credits are the acceptance of course credits earned at another institution being used to earn Niagara College credit(s).

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An Equivalency is the acceptance of Niagara College course credits being used to earn credit in a different Niagara College course.

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Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing means you receive enough transfer credits to start beyond level 1 (1st term) in a Niagara College program.

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Are you looking for transfer agreements with other colleges and universities?

Visit for an up-to-date list of existing transfer agreements, including degree transfer, to other colleges and universities in Canada and around the world.

Change your Niagara College program

If you are already a Niagara College student that wishes to switch to a different program, please speak to your program area’s Academic Advisor. Your Academic Advisor can can help you determine what academic path you should take.