7-1-7 Semester Schedule

What is it and why?

The 7-1-7 semester schedule is about improving student success. Each term is 15 weeks overall, made up of 7 weeks of instruction, a one-week break and another seven weeks of instruction. There is a break between each term as well.

Because the 7-1-7 model includes a break for students after the first seven weeks into a program, students who are struggling will have an opportunity to obtain extra help with their academic challenges. Students who have trouble adjusting from being away from home will also have an opportunity to visit home sooner.

7-1-7 also enables the College to deliver its courses consistently, regardless of the term or start. Programs that begin in January or May will no longer have condensed deliveries.

What programs are affected?

All post-secondary evening courses and Continuing Education credit courses and most post-secondary programs follow 7-1-7. Ontario Learn courses, some apprentice programs, academic upgrading and programs with different semester lengths, such as Golf Management and Culinary, follow a slightly different format. Check Important Dates for specific programs.

What about exams?

There is no exam week with a separate schedule. Evaluations must be completed by the last day of classes.