About Jennifer Babin

Jennifer Babin

Jennifer Babin
Acting Manager, Student Services
905-641-2252 extension 4167

As acting manager, Jennifer oversees health services and the Student Success Centre. She looks at ways to accommodate and implement supports for students with disabilities and is committed to the continual improvement of educational accessibility for students. She helps to reduce barriers to academic participation, raise awareness about students with disabilities and engage in community-building to further promote an inclusive environment at Niagara College.

Jennifer possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a teaching certification in English and a Masters of Education degree with a concentration in counseling. She joined Niagara College in August 2006 with 12 years of experience in teaching and counseling. Jennifer believes all students can be successful, and with the right learning tools and supports, all students can be life-long learners. She is always willing to try something new to motivate students and to help them think outside the box. “The diversity at Niagara College creates a wonderful environment to work, and the students’ energy is contagious! I welcome students’ viewpoints and feedback to develop our services, and our team recognizes everyone for their unique compliment of skills and abilities that they possess and advocates for their needs to be successful at Niagara College.”