Scholarships and Bursaries

$2.5 million in scholarships, bursaries, awards and on-campus jobs are available to our 9,000 full-time students – every year. With amazing community support, our team is dedicated to making sure you succeed by lessening your financial burden.

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Niagara College Foundation Scholarships and Bursaries

Who is eligible for awards?

Scholarships: Scholarships are awarded for scholastic achievement. In certain cases, financial need may be taken into account as a secondary criterion to decide between candidates of approximately equal achievement. Community and volunteer involvement is often considered when awarding scholarships, and review committees will often contact community or volunteer references that are provided for additional background as to your relationships with these organizations.

Bursaries: A bursary is an award that is distributed on the basis of financial need. When applying for a bursary you must complete an application form detailing your current financial status.

Most of the awards that Niagara College lists are awards that have been set up on behalf of community donors.

The Requirements

  • Most awards will require that you fill out a budget form to demonstrate financial need.
  • Awards are usually sorted by school of study, and may require you to demonstrate a certain academic aptitude (high school or post-secondary transcript), volunteerism, provide a reference letter, and so on. Some may have no additional requirements.
  • Because of the number of awards available, it is likely that you will find one or more that you may apply for.

When and How to Apply

  • Once you have received and accepted an offer to Niagara College, you will be eligible to apply for financial awards offered by the College. For students beginning in September, awards are usually posted in July. For students beginning in January, awards are usually posted in December.
  • 3rd party awards may have varying due dates – be sure to get started on your search early to make sure you don’t miss out! Make you check External Awards by visiting this page, and then clicking or tapping the “External Awards” tab.
  • Use our easy Award Finder to find an award that’s right for you. Once you’re ready to apply, follow the steps on the provided with the award.

Our Donors

Many generous individuals, businesses and organizations donate to Niagara College to establish scholarships and bursaries.  As well, revenue is raised for scholarships and bursaries through the Niagara College Foundation’s Seafood Gala, and Golf Classic.

To learn more about our fundraising activities, please visit:

Thank-you for helping students succeed!