Term one (2018 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
CAPL1199 Computer Applications 3
COMM1140 Essential Communication Skills for Community Services 3
EDUC1124 Educational Foundations And Strategies 3
EDUC1154 Literacy Support and Strategies 3
EDUC1240 Professional Roles of the Educational Assistant / Support Worker 3
HDEV1122 Developmental Disabilities - Overview 3
RHAB1104 Activities of Daily Living Supports 3
Term two (2018 Spring)
Code Course Name Credits
EDUC1125 Numeracy Support and Strategies 3
EDUC1226 Exceptionalities I - Including Non Violent Crisis Intervention 3
EDUC1320 Assistive Technology Across The Lifespan 3
EDUC1321 Person Directed Planning 3
PSYC1100 Introductory Psychology 3
RECL1221 Adaptive Recreational Strategies 3
PRAC1222 Field Placement I - Educational Assistant / Support Worker 3
Term three (2018 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
COUN1221 Positive Behaviour Supports 3
COUN1425 Advocacy, Empowerment and Choice 3
EDUC1324 Differentiated Instruction 3
EDUC1344 Personal Development for the Workplace 3
PHAR1326 Pharmacology 3
SOCL1430 Multiculturalism and Diversity in Canada 3
PRAC1322 Field Placement II - Educational Assistant / Support Worker 3
Term four (2019 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
EDUC1398 Autism Spectrum Disorder: Effective Strategies 3
CMDV1427 Community Resources 3
EDUC1425 Exceptionalities II 3
EDUC1448 Professional Reporting for Educational Assistants and Support Workers 3
PSYC1323 Developmental Psychology 3
PRAC1422 Field Placement III - Educational Assistant / Support Worker 3
Elective Information

Completion of additional General Education elective 1 course required