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NC Professor is X-Culture Winner!

We want to congratulate Dr. Navjote Khara, MBA, PhD Coordinator of Bachelor of Business Administration, International Commerce and Global Development program, who is awarded the Best 2016 X-Culture Instructor! It is a big deal and a great honor for the School of Business & Management, Niagara College.

A total of 133 instructors and co-instructors teaching at 123 universities in 39 countries whose students took part in the 2016 round of the X-Culture competition. A total of 124 variables were considered when selecting the Best Instructor Award recipient.

X-Culture is a partnership of 450+ International Business professors from around the world. The students are put in global virtual teams and they work on real-life international business challenges presented by real companies. Over 4,000 MBA and undergraduate students from 100 universities on 6 continents participate in X-Culture every semester. Over 30,000 have taken part in X-Culture so far. Working in Global Virtual Teams of about 6, a team member from a different country, the students spend a semester solving real international Business challenges presented by our corporate partners.

 The best students are invited to X-Culture Symposium where they meet their team members and top managers from the client company. X-Culture just won the Wharton’s 2016 Re-Imagine Education Award in the Nurturing Employability category.

The detailed review of the selection process can be found here:

Thanks from the Genemis Laboratories

Testimonial by George Botos, Founder, CEO from Genemis Laboratories Inc.

” Genemis is a Canadian startup developing new innovative water bacteria water testing technologies. One of the challenges we encountered is that our product is more relevant in emerging countries, where water quality is a significant issue, rather than the Canadian market. As a result of this, we sought help from Niagara College and its students to help us identify the most appropriate export market and build a market entry strategy.

The results provided by Niagara College students under the leadership of Prof. Cosmo Girolamo have allowed us to focus our efforts on the Brazil market. We were very impressed with the quality of the research performed by the students, and we are in process of implementing many of the recommendations provided in terms of the market entry strategy.”