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Please be advised that the curriculum you have selected is for a past or future term. The remaining information on this website is reflective of the most recent intake term, unless stated otherwise.

Term one (2017 Year)
Code Course Name Credits
APPR1823 Trade Practices 2
APPR1824 Applied Blueprint Reading 3
APPR1825 Welding Theory 2
APPR1826 Materials and Process Quality I 2
APPR1827 Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) 4
APPR1828 Gas Shielded Semi-Automatic Welding Practical I 3
APPR1829 Thermal Cutting 2
Term two (2018 Year)
Code Course Name Credits
APPR1833 Blueprint - Advanced 4
APPR1834 Fabrication I 3
APPR1835 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Practical 1
APPR1836 Machine Operation 2
APPR1837 Material and Process Quality II 2
APPR1838 Pattern and Template Development 2
Term three (2019 Year)
Code Course Name Credits
APPR1844 Fabrication II 6
APPR1845 Installation 2
APPR1846 Patterns and Templates Development II 3
APPR1847 Project Planning 1
APPR1848 Preparation for Shipping 1

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