Flower Bouquets

Bouquet of roses

Purchase a beautiful bouquet of roses in celebration of the certificate or diploma that your graduand has worked so hard to earn.

Please note that flowers are not worn or carried during the Convocation Procession. They may be presented to the graduate after their ceremony.

Support student success with your purchase

Proceeds from frame sales fund Niagara College equipment and learning resources and scholarships and bursaries.

Pre-order now

Pre-orders and payment for Spring 2017 Convocation ceremonies must be received by June 12, 2017.

  1. Choose the type of flower bouquet that you’d like to purchase. Remember the style of the bouquet (ex. Style A).
  2. Use our secure order form to order the bouquet online.
  3. Ororder by phone or mail. Follow the directions on the flower order form for instructions.
  4. Pick up the bouquet at your graduand’s Convocation ceremony. Flowers should be presented after the Convocation Ceremony during the Reception, as graduands do not wear or carry flowers during the Processional.

Purchase at ceremony

Flower bouquets will be on also be on sale at each Convocation ceremony.