Term one (2017 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
ANAT1119 Orofacial Anatomy I 2
COMM1153 English for Health Sciences 2
DENT1102 Dental Radiography I 3
DENT1112 Dental Business and Computer Concepts 2
DENT1113 Clinical Placement - Preclinic 4
DENT1115 Oral Health Prevention Promotion DA 2
DENT1124 Dental Biomaterials and Lab I 3
DENT1135 Chairside Principles and Infection Control 4
HLTH1020 Introduction to Interprofessional Education and Practice 3
PHAR1104 Dental Pharmacology 1
Term two (2018 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
DENT1201 Dental Radiography II 3
DENT1205 Dental Assisting Practical Seminar 1
DENT1210 Restorative Clinic 3
DENT1211 Oral Ecology 4
DENT1219 Preclinic - Level II 4
DENT1220 Dental Assisting Professionalism 1
DENT1224 Dental Biomaterials and Lab II 3
DENT1225 Principles of Dental Assisting II 3
DENT1312 Clinical Placement III - Dental Assisting 2
HLTH1190 Nutrition and Diet Counselling 3
PRAC1175 Field Placement - Dental Assisting 2