Old printed card saying Niagara College is born with picture of ribbon cutting ceremony

Over the span of half a century, Niagara College has become a leader in applied education, and a regional college with global reach.

Founded in Welland in 1967, Niagara College now operates from specialized campuses in Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

From its humble beginnings, delivering a handful of programs at its original Welland Campus, Niagara College has grown to more 10,000 students studying in more than 100 diploma, bachelorโ€™s degree and advanced level programs. Weโ€™re involved in projects and partnerships around the globe โ€“ preparing graduates who are truly world-ready.

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Members attend the groundbreaking ceremony
A temporary outdoor classroom

The temporary classrooms that marked the first days of NC have evolved into some of the most unique learning environments in Canada: leading-edge technology labs, specialized classrooms, on-campus spa, greenhouse, restaurant and Canadaโ€™s first Teaching Winery and Teaching Brewery โ€“ learning enterprises that have become a model of applied education.

And as we enter our 50th year, weโ€™re growing again. Construction is underway on a $50 million campus redevelopment project that will further modernize our learning spaces, and significantly enhance our studentsโ€™ experience.

Itโ€™s an exciting time at Niagara College, and our future is bright. Join us, and be a part of an NC story thatโ€™s 50 years in the making.

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Board members review a 3d model of the Welland Campus
Ontario Colleges at 50 the start of something amazing

2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of our college system in Ontario.

The celebration of where weโ€™ve come from โ€“ and, more importantly, where weโ€™re going โ€“ is called The Start of Something Amazing. As the Ontario Colleges 50th anniversary unfolds, theyโ€™ll post news, updates and event information at amazing50.ca.